''The whole reason I became a marriage celebrant was because I believe the ceremony should be the absolute highlight of your wedding day. I have been to far too many weddings where everyone is zoned out and switching off because the ceremony is so regimented, standard and boring!

''My mission is to make your ceremony a standout! Keeping it full of love and laughter, making it entertaining, personal and lots of fun!''

Jonny and Marie wedding
Dave and Ollie wedding
Katrina and Antonio wedding

Born to celebrate!

If there was ever a job created specifically for one person in mind, this would be it.

Kellie Butterworth was born to be a marriage celebrant. She is so excited to be able to celebrate the love of two people, along with their family and friends.

It's YOUR day!

The ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding day and really sets the tone for the rest of your celebrations, so it is so important to get that part right!

Plan your wedding day YOUR way!

Getting to know each couple is vital in creating a beautiful balance of love and laughter in the ceremony that is totally unique to you. Kellie can offer a range of alternative ideas and suggest options that will completely enhance your day and ensure there is never a dull moment!

Contact Kellie now!

Please don't hesitate to call Kellie on 0405 958 825 or email her on celebrant@kelliebutterworth.com.au.

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